Apart from Shakespeare as the protagonist, this film depicts other luminaries as Michelangelo,Galileo & Cervantes.All these great men had many things in common.This film is the result of threadbare research on them.Yet this is a complete work of fiction.



This film contains 5 acts, as classical Greek & Shakespearean plays contained; a prologue & an epilogue as some of his plays had. The First Act is named 'Michelangelo', the second is named 'Symmetry in Cemetery', the third one is named 'Asymmetry in a cemetery', the fourth acts name is 'Galileo' and the fifth act is named 'The impatient patient'.



This movie touches all his plays, either in dialogue or anything else,which will be spotted by experts,but yet the amusement on the part of the audience who doesn't know that, will never be hampered. This film also touches his Sonnets, Venus and Adonis, The Phoenix & Turtle, A Lovers Complaint, The Passionate Pilgrim and The Rape of Lucrece. That means, his complete works are, in someway or other, incorporated in this film. This aspect of the movie will open a new dimension to the worldwide audience of this film, as it will be released the world-over in 2017.





The specific feature of this specialty is: the producers will organize a competition for every moviegoer allover the world, beginning from Shakespeare scholars to school children. The quiz will be: The viewer has to find out all or as many points as possible, in the course of the film, where Shakespeare's dialogues or lines were used & how or what changes were made to them. The film-goer who can point out the most connections will be awarded the grand prize & many others will also get lesser prizes.



The title sequence of this movie, contains many things from Shakespeare's 1st folio.That will appeal to the intellectuals in one way & to the lay person even more in another way. Even at the end, there's no 'The End' title. There is 'Finis' instead. Not to give it a trendy Latin touch. But because his first folio ends thus. Even the pattern.



This film's title doesn't come in any medieval fonts from computer. Rather, it's Shakespeare's own handwriting, derived from his six surviving signatures. As if, he himself autographed for this movie title, named after him. Even when he sits at the computer, the font he chooses is Broadway, because Broadway is the word linked with stage.



Michelangelo Bounarotti, was Shakespeare's predecessor. He was the High Renaissance Italian genius artist & sculptor. Galileo Galilee was Shakespeare's contemporary. He was the epoch-making Italian Scientist, Astronomer & Mathematician. Miguel De Cervantes was the legendary Spanish Author & novelist.






These three great people from world history, along-with Shakespeare, has changed the face of the Earth by their contributions.
In this film, they all converge around Shakespeare.



The Movie will contain songs by Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore. Music scores will include pieces by Tagore, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Tukun Nurul Momen.