2016 was 'The Year of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'.


William Shakespeare, History's greatest culture-personality of the World, faces history's greatest culture-shock of the world!!!


This movie is a fiction. Yet, it is based on historical facts and personalities and their legacies. For example: The french title Jaquespierre comes from a quotation by Sigmund Freud.


Throughout the film, the high entertainment is based on historical facts. In view of the just past occasion of his death's quatercentenary, we lay our floral wreathes to Shakespeare through this film, on behalf of the world-cinema; because of his contribution to this art-form in more than two thousand films and who knows, how many thousands more to come!


'William Shakespeare' is an intellectual film.


This film, 'WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE', is the introductory (pilot) movie in a long franchise of movies starring Shakespeare. It is just the depiction of the reemergence of him. 


This is among the rare films in the history of cinema where William Shakespeare's name is credited as the co-writer in the titles.

                                   'V' is for victory.
                  WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, the movie,
        will bring greater victory anew to already victorious
             William Shakespeare, the poet & playwright