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• 2 hr 15 min

• Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, History, Biography


Since the invention of cinema,120 years ago; the person who contributed most to the world of Cinema,died 400 years ago!!!



He never knew what cinema IS, but he contributed to this art-form the most,by either being the original script-writer or the adapted playwright of innumerable movies. He was far ahead of his time.

He is none other than 'The' WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. His contribution as screen-playwright has crossed more than 2000 films worldwide.Yet, he himself is depicted in only a couple of movies & even in some of them derogatorily, which an all-time genius like him does not deserve at all.

This film is portraying him as he should be. In view of his 450th birth anniversary,held in 2014 & quatercentenary of death,on 23rd April 2016,its high-time he should be brought to screen as he deserves.

If Shakespeare was born today, or if cinema was invented in his time,he would have definitely been a film-maker. His dramas show the vastness that a proscenium could not ever hold. His plays need a movie-camera & silver-screen to fulfill its enormous requirements. He was the greatest showman in history. In fact, he FOUNDED the ‘Showbiz’ upon this globe, through Globe Theatre.

That's why, Showbiz of today should honour him on his death's Quatercentenary.

After the discovery or emergence of cinema, two such occasions have passed. One was in 1916, and another was in 1964. But this is the first time in cinema’s history, a film named WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE pays tribute to him in commemoration of him.

Ranging vastly, from the Grand Studios of Hollywood to the handycam-made movie-crew in any remote corner on the Earth, this film is the token of entire movie-world’s gratitude towards him, William Shakespeare, the greatest entertainer of all time.

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